Cockroach the Superhero: "The Chapter Book Series Kids Read-and Reread"

You feel fear like never before.

Crooks want you dead.

It messes up your life.

You're tired. You want to give up.

He’s just a kid-and the city is crawling with dangerous criminals !

The books about Cockroach, the Superhero have delighted kids from 3 to 7 grade—and their parents too!

Cockroach the Superhero

chapter books have delighted kids.

"This book was sooo good! Please write another!"

--Danie, 5th grade student

"Your story is awesome. I bet you could win a

medal for this amazing book!"

--Alizah, 5th grade student

This was the best superhero story I have ever heard in my life

--Zayden, 5th grade student

Love it! Amazing!

--Kira, 5th grade student

Students in a Madison, Wisconsin classroom.

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